This is a group of people who are committed to lifting up Sweet Bread Ministries, and the people we minister to, in prayer.

Some of these people have been friends for a long time and some are more recent friends, but the fact remains that we are thankful for each and every prayer offered on our behalf and on the behalf of those we minister to.

James 5:16 says that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective and we have seen it!

We believe that the prayers offered up by the “prayer warriors” and the way that God answers those prayers out of His faithfulness, is the jet fuel that powers this ministry.

As the founder of this ministry, I would go so far as to say that the “prayer warriors” are not just highly valued, but are the most valuable asset that this ministry will ever have.

Some of the people on the “prayer warrior” list have agreed to try to pray for this ministry daily and others have said that they will pray as they are led.

I can’t tell you how needed, important, and beneficial those prayers are. The Bible is filled with examples of the power and effectiveness of prayer. I don’t think we will really grasp how much our prayer accomplishes until we get to heaven and God shows us.

As some of you know there were times after my accident when I was at home between hospital stays and I became very ill. More than once I found myself on the bathroom floor in so much pain that I would tell Lori she was going to have take me back to the hospital if God didn’t do something quick.

I would cry out to Him in anguish and He would immediately respond to me with a command. The Holy Spirit would tell me to call other people so that they could pray for me. This was something new to me.

The first few times this happened I have to admit that I became very angry. I knew God was listening to me because He was answering so clearly, but I couldn’t understand why we had to involve a “middle man” to pray for me.

In fact the very first time this happened I refused to be obedient and just kept praying for myself for a long time. The pain became unbearable and I yelled out to God “Why aren’t you helping me?” to which He replied, “I told you what to do!”

I called Lori into the bathroom and told her what the Lord had said and then asked her to start calling some people to pray for me. She did and within a very short time my physical pain subsided.

This cycle repeated itself and each time it did I actually felt further from God. It hurt my feelings to think that He was refusing to answer “My” prayers.

When I finally quit pouting and asked God what was going on, He explained that this process had a few important reasons.

One reason was so that I would quit acting like the “lone Ranger” and therefore would begin to understand the power of other people’s prayers in my life.

Another reason was so that the people who had been asked to pray would have their faith built up when the Lord answered their prayers. We have seen this happen time and again since the start-up of this list and it is actualy very humbling to see how God has used our needs to bring others closer to Him.

I now realize that it was also training for this new ministry. God was showing me that the continued prayer support of other people was essential for this ministry to be effective.

If you have decided that you would like to be a “prayer warrior” for Sweet Bread Ministries, then please send us an e-mail to let us know, and we can add your name to the list.

You will receive periodic prayer requests and just as importantly you will receive “praise” reports when the Lord has answered those prayers.

There have been times when the Lord has spoken to us through various people on this list and it is inspiring to see that when this has happens, God will give the same message to several of you so that we can be sure it was something from Him. I know that this has really encouraged some of you also. 

For those of you who have chosen to be a “Sweet Bread Ministries Prayer Warrior”, let me say that we can’t thank you enough. Your prayers are the key that will make this ministry powerful.

Know that as we take this journey together, you are a huge part of this ministry and may the Lord bless you as you have blessed others.