Sweet Bread Ministries is a non-denominational, evangelistic ministry dedicated to bringing people of all backgrounds into a closer, more intimate relationship with the Lord. We seek to accomplish this goal through the following avenues:

Christian Speakers

Bruce Van Natta and, or, Bruce Carlson are available to speak at your church, school, local correctional facility, revival, or other special event. We can tailor our services to fit many situations. Men’s groups, women’s groups, youth, or mixed gatherings have all been delighted by the Holy Spirit inspired messages of Sweet Bread Ministries. We strive to deliver a message not only founded in Scripture, but also balanced in Scripture.

Christian Seminars

We are pleased to be able to offer seminars with various topics and time frames. At this time our current seminars are based on the seven different ways that God speaks to us as found in the Bible as well as healing seminars and seminars on the Holy Spirit. People that attend our seminars are given many tools to help them understand and see how God is working in their own life as well as how He wants to use them to minister to others. An opportunity to be prayed over for impartation is a part of every seminar. The Bible makes it clear we are to grow in our relationship with the Lord and this is one way to do that regardless of our current level of spiritual maturity.

Healing Ministry

Sweet Bread Ministries came into being only after the Lord performed a couple of miraculous healings in the life of founder Bruce Van Natta. Due to the impact these healings have had on him and others, and out of obedience to what we are commanded to do in the Bible, we feel obligated to offer healing/prayer services. Following Jesus’ example, we place our primary concern on the spiritual well being of the people we minister to. We also will pray for emotional and physical healing and have seen the Lord do mighty things in response to prayer. You can go to the “Amazing Testimonies” page for some examples. We believe that the Lord hears and answers prayers in accordance with His master plan and sovereign will.

Media Ministry

At this time we now have available copies of founder Bruce Van Natta’s books, Saved By Angels To Share How God Talks To Everyday People, (published by Destiny Image), as well as a (2) disc DVD small group or individual use Bible study that goes with it under the same title. The latest book, A Miraculous Life (Charisma House) is also available. As well we now have a mini-book entitled “God will talk through you” published by Destiny Image. We also have a selection of videos that can be viewed in the “Media Center” or on YouTube, etc.

Sweet Bread Ministries is based in the United States, but is available to travel wherever the Lord leads us, including other countries and continents.

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If you would like to see about scheduling us to come to your area, or are interested in learning more about what we offer, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 715-213-6116, or e-mail us now.

our address is; Sweet Bread Ministries 230 State Highway 66 Rudolph WI 54475