Partner With Us

Sweet Bread Ministries is striving to transform people’s lives through the life-changing power of the Gospel. We believe this is the most important work we can do, but we also know that we can’t do it effectively on our own. We need help from friends like you who are willing to “Partner With Us” in this work.

One way that you can make a huge impact and empower this ministry to do God’s work, is to pray for us and those we minister to. The importance and value of this simple task should never be underestimated. We are convinced that it is essential for us to have prayer warriors backing us up in prayer, in order for us to be effective. If you would like to learn more about becoming a “Sweet Bread Ministries Prayer Warrior”, please go to the “Prayer Warriors” page for more information.

Another way that you can “partner with us” is to see about scheduling us to speak at your church, school, special event, or local correctional facility. If you think there are people in your area who would benefit by hearing a message of hope, love, forgiveness, and healing– then contact us at 715-213-6116, or click this link e-mail to email us ( ) for more details. (You can also learn more by going to the “What We Offer” page.)

Along those same lines is another opportunity for you join with us in spreading the Good News. The message contained in the books, “Saved By Angels To Share How God Talks To Everyday People” and “A Miraculous Life” is life changing. (Author Bruce Van Natta)

We are looking for people who after reading the book, are so compelled by it’s message, that they are willing to “Partner With Us” in sending this book to prisons, and jails. By Sponsoring a book (or books) you can help us reach people who are in desperate need of God’s love. (We have seen first hand how receptive people behind bars are to this ray of hope and have been encouraged by stories of transformation.)

We also much need the financial support of people willing to join with us, so that we can continue to touch lives and reach people with the Gospel.

By supporting this ministry you can help bring non-believers into a saving faith and also help current believers come into a closer, more intimate relationship with the Lord.

You can enable the Sweet Bread team to extend ministry to those who can’t afford to cover any costs related with our ministry.

You can be assured that every gift is wisely and conservatively used.

Your support will not only help us to continue, but also to expand our efforts in reaching people with the love of God.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your financial contributions are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

To send us a donation by mail you can use the following address; Sweet Bread Ministries, 230 State Highway 66, Rudolph WI 54475. If you would like to make an on-line contribution with credit card, be assured that it will be safe, secure, and private.

Let us thank you with our whole heart and with genuine appreciation for any of the ways that you have chosen to “Partner With Us”, and may you be blessed as you bless others.

For your convenience, recurring monthly donations (which can be canceled at any time) are supported with the form below. Just select “Yes” and enter the recurring amount. This month’s donation will occur on today’s date and future transactions will occur on the first of each month.

Important step in the donation process:

You must put the exact number with decimal point and cents to process the payment correctly……Thank you !!!!