(A Sampling of God’s Handy-Work)

We know that the biggest miracle we will ever see is someone receiving Jesus as their Savior! Plus, it is the only one that has eternal value. We pray that there are people who receive salvation at every meeting we hold. We also pray for signs and miracles that will point people to the One true God that loves them and truly can set the captive free!

We receive several calls a day from people who want us to pray for them but please, please, remember that Jesus is the Healer! We are just people who are in love with God and have no more privileged access to Him than anybody else. Anyone who wants to have relationship with Him can pray and know that He is listening to them because He loves us. The Bible tells us in James 4:7 “Come near to God and He will come near to you.”


Creative Miracle in throat!

After hearing your testimony at Kings Fire Church a few years ago… you prayed over me for a creative miracle for my throat. I had two surgeries to remove two masses (2005 & 2008). The final surgery they removed the middle section my hyoid bone so it would not grow back again and they removed a portion of the back of my tongue that connects to the bone. This anchors everything around your voice box. After that surgery in 2008, I had problem after problem with swallowing, barely able to eat and no hope. And worst of all the deepest hurt was no longer having the ability to sing and even reading books to my children was just too painful. Doctors said there was no cure and they would have to “dream up” a surgery to just help me function. I was in constant pain and could barely eat.. I was frozen in fear. I desperately needed a creative miracle. There is much more to this testimony but after you prayed with me, I experienced Gods creative miracle. What man said was not possible, God said otherwise. I was healed that night, you prayed a creative miracle in my throat, bone to grow and that the enemy was trying to silence me from leading worship. Since that night I am back singing and playing my guitar at my church, sharing with others how I had been healed to sing again and no more swallow issues. Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony that led to me receiving a creative healing as well. God bless you and may He continue to use you to reach others.

Michelle Drago

Broken Pelvis Healed!

Three days before Thanksgiving my daughter and I decided to go horseback riding. While warming up the horses in our arena I was thrown by my young horse. I knew it was serious; I couldn’t move and the pain was excruciating. After X-rays and CAT scan they discovered I had separated my pelvis front to back along with internal injuries. A few days in the ICU and some time in recovery and I was back home and on the mend. With the help of physical therapy I was back on my feet in just six weeks. All seemed to be going well but the pain in my hips began to increase. At three months out I could barely walk and the pain was unbearable.  More X-rays and a MRI showed that my pelvis had become “unstable” separating again putting pressure on my hip joints. My orthopedic surgeon’s only idea was a plan that involved metal plates, screws, along with the risk that it might not relieve the pain and it could break as active as I am. None of the options sounded good so, depressed and feeling defeated my wife and I began to pray.

God had a better plan I just didn’t know it yet. My friend James came over to shoe my horse and realized how painful it was for me to just stand keeping the horse calm. He mentioned that his friend Bruce Carlson was in town and that he had prayed for people like me and God healed them. He wondered if I would be interested in visiting him and see what God might do.

I met them at his ranch. I shared with Bruce what had happened and how my pelvis actually shifted and separated as I tried to move,  and how the pain was so bad I was barely able to walk, sit, or stand.  He said have a seat right here in this straight back chair. Bruce took and held the heels of my feet in his hands, the three of us could all see that the right one was an inch or so shorter than the other. (Pelvis out of alignment) Bruce began to pray taking Gods word as true and trusting Christ would do as He promised. As He prayed I saw with my own eyes the right heel go out and pass the other then come back perfectly the same as the left. God is putting your pelvis back in alignment Bruce explained. He asked me to stand as he prayed laying his hands on my hips, again believing on Christ and His word for the power in our healing. This time I could actually feel like someone squeezing the SI joints together. When Bruce had finished praying for me I could tell that something was different. Still in pain I went home-that was Thursday. Friday morning I woke up. Humm—not as much pain and I was able to be on my feet much longer. By Sunday (not kidding) I was throwing horseshoes with my boys pain free, loaded and unloaded 3 moving trucks  and I’ve been on the go ever since. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ and His faithful servant Bruce Carlson for the miracle of healing.   Brian Hill

Cancer Healed with no medicine, only God!

I worked for the department of corrections for 30 years as a teacher and had just retired. Right after my retirement, I noticed blood in my urine and was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer with very aggressive cancer cells. I was advised by my doctor that because the cancer was extremely aggressive, they suggested the total removal of my bladder and prostate within two weeks. I was told the surgery would be 8 to 9 hours with a 6 to 8 month recovery period. I had a large tumor on my bladder and it had spread into the muscle tissue and the prostrate had cancer as well.

My brother and a close friend of his met me one morning for breakfast and Bruce Van Natta came with them to pray for me. My brother told me about Bruce’s story so I was excited to meet him. After we finished eating Bruce asked if he could lay hands on me and pray. Bruce lifted up his shirt and showed me his scars after sharing his incredible story.
I sat there as Bruce anointed me with oil and prayed right there amongst everyone in the restaurant. I didn’t feel anything special happen right there and then, however
that evening and into the next day I felt vibration going on in my body especially my lower extremities where the cancer was located, it felt strange. For the next couple of months I began to feel much better. I also changed my diet and started eating better too but I knew something was much different.
On January 5th of 2012 I went to the University Wisconsin Hospital in Madison for a second opinion and to be retested by an oncology specialists. That morning I was given a blood and urine test followed up with a consultation with experts specializing in bladder cancer. I was told that they had reviewed all the tests and reports from my doctors in Green Bay. It was their consensus that it was in my best interest to pursue the recommendation of my doctor in Green Bay and immediately have the surgery. I was also told that I could forgo the painful retest based on the previous reports and because of the fact it was a very aggressive cancer, they were anxious to do surgery and chemo. I insisted that they scope my bladder again just to make sure.
This is where it gets really interesting, during the test the doctor scoped my bladder then called another doctor in to take a look. After 15 minutes he called in a third doctor who while scoping kept whispering to the others. After the procedure they told me because it was so late in the day, they would call me the next day with the results. The following day I was informed by the specialist that the options we discussed yesterday were still open, but the Dr. went on to say that my bladder looked really good and there was no cancer there now, my urine had no traces of blood or bacteria, and that it was their consensus that I wouldn’t need the surgery based on their new observation that the tumors were gone. They suggested I still consider chemo and radiation as a precautionary measure because of the cancer that was originally there but had now vanished. I said no way, I know what chemo and radiation does to the body!
It has been a year and I feel the best I have every felt in my life. With changing my diet and eating healthy, I have lost 50 lbs now. Everyone comments on how good I look and how great my skin looks. My blood pressure is in a normal range, and my cholesterol and sugar are normal as well. During one of my tests they said I had the arteries and blood of a 25 year old. I thank God for that day and the willingness of Bruce to take time out and meet and pray with me, I am forever blessed and grateful. One fact I do know, Jesus heals.
Brad Hentges

Creative Miracle in Arm!

I was racing the last mx race of the year at Byron Illinois when I was 16 just before turning 17 October 1980. In the 2nd moto I got a 4th place holeshot then passed one guy the first lap and another the 3rd lap. So I was running down the leader and had just passed 2nd place on a big downhill before the finish line jump. I went off the finish line jump and landed on a lapped rider. Our footpegs locked and I was thrown off the bike.I was doing a pushup out of the mud when the rider I passed landed on my left arm crushing it—you could see three of my four bones in my left arm sticking out.(I was there with my friend  Jerry Gerlach as we always raced together.) I was rushed to Rockford Memorial Hospital and luckily there was an orthopedic sports doctor there checking on a football player from Rockford Boylan.
I was rushed to x-ray then surgery but before we went in the Doctor said “George you are old enough to understand what I told your mom when I got permision to operate on you. I am only giving you a 20% chance of being able to keep your arm.” Going to sleep not knowing if you are going to keep your arm was the worst feeling ever. I Woke up after 7 hours of surgery and my arm was still there! With 3 pins and traction for 6 weeks my arm came back to 50% of normal movement. After more physical therapy I got it to 65% movement but for the last 32 years my left arm was 3″ shorter than my right arm, was slightly crooked, and had only had 65% range of motion.
Fast Forward to January 29th 2012 and Bruce Van Natta from Sweet Bread Ministries was preaching at Gateway Faith Fellowship in Fulton Illinois. It had been a hard week because the doctors felt my wife Lisa had Lupis and we had taken another bioposy to send to a special microscope at U of Iowa Hospital for confirmation. The waiting is hard and to be honest I came to Church with a heavy heart. We sat in the back and I was in my own little world. After praise and worship when we went to sit down and I noticed Jerry Gerlach was sitting next to my wife! We hadn’t seen each other in a long time and it was really great to see him in Church. Pastor Wayne introduced Bruce and he led off with telling us he used to race dirt bikes down here in Fenton Il. Instantly being an old dirt biker I was awake. His first scripture was Mark 11:22-26. He preached a wonderful message and shared his incredible story from his heart. He gave an altar call from the Pulpit and my dear friend Jerry accepted Christ. I was stoked! After the service we hugged and cried. Yes, men cry. We exchanged numbers and promised to catch up. My wife left to go to Charlotte Iowa to see her family as they were concerned with her health. We had driven separate vehicles and I decided to stay and pray for awhile. Bruce was praying for a lot of needs and I continued to pray for Lisa (Lupis) and Jerry for his salvation. Things were winding down when I felt impressed to wait and be the last person to be prayed for. I asked Bruce to join in with me to pray for Jerry and Lisa. What a humble man of God. We prayed and agreed for them both and then he asked to pray for my disabled arm, and he did, but nothing seemed to happen right then.
As I drove home all I could think about was one of the miracles I had watched happen before my eyes that day. A young man from Church who was deaf in one ear, but after Bruce prayed for him he could now hear. What must he be thinking I wondered? When I got home I sat on the couch and was still pondering all that God had done through Bruce that day. What an Awesome God I thought! Well as I was sitting there an overwelming presence of God overcame me. It started at my head and warmth like I never felt before started down my body slowly. When it came down my shoulders I felt my arm begin to move out. I could feel things moving at my elbow joint which had been crushed as well. It felt weird—like God was knitting it back together, but it didn’t hurt, it felt wonderful. God instantly and perfectly healed my arm right then and there. My arm is now 3″ longer and I have 100% range of motion. Lisa my wife came home and I was so stunned I couldn’t talk. When I got my wits I called my Pastor and told him of my miracle. I have since been able to give my testimony at church of what the Lord did for me and when I put on one of my old custom made suits that is made 3″ shorter on the left arm—it really shows what God did. To God be all the Glory for all He did that day. (What used to be my “bad” arm is now even stronger than my “good” arm and my wife and I are now able to work out together.)
George A Chamberlain

Eyes Healed!

A few years ago I was buffeted with an unusual eye condition that doctors could not explain or treat.  Unable to look to the left or right; wearing dark glasses indoors; forced to keep blinds closed even on overcast days.  Reading was almost impossible because of how the condition affected eye function.  What’s worse I was set to take a two-day medical board exam with hundreds of questions which required pouring through volumes to prepare.  It wasn’t just textbooks, I couldn’t read any text without having to stop after just a few lines.
I was in the middle of applying for a residency job that had already been delayed for a lengthy amount of time and everything was at a standstill because of this anomalous eye disorder.  Doctors seemed to think it might have been related to an autoimmune illness called Hashimoto’s Disease which I had, but after extensive testing still could not give me a definitive diagnosis.  At a loss on what to do, only the Lord could help me with this problem.
I worked up the nerve to contact the Sweet Breads Ministries prayer line where Brother Bruce Van Natta was kind enough to pray over my eye issue, my difficult job situation, as well as finances.  I also requested prayer over attending the Bay Revival as my family had come against me for my interest in it.  Within days a job opportunity emerged and a week later, after Brother Van Natta prayed a second time over the phone, I picked up the Bible and was immediately able to read without stopping.  I was also able to get back to studying and eventually completed my exam.
Since that time I’ve had the chance to attend Revival three times, and have also had the privilege of attending Brother Sid Roth’s meeting when he was in the area  There’s been breakthrough in healing, miraculous doors opening, and household financial increase.  My parents have even gone back to church after over twenty-five years of not attending.  The good work that the Lord began with my job situation I believe will also be completed because Jesus never forsakes us.  There is power in His Word and He hears our prayers.  Don’t give up because God is right around the corner with the deliverance that you need!  –  W.N.

Crazy Miracles in New York!

Report from our New York ministry trip. The trip went great with over 70 salvations, but the real focus was on praying over people to be empowered by God to be His hands and feet in this world which is going to have a huge multiplication effect for the Kingdom.
We also got to see the Lord do many amazing miracles and just wanted to share a few with you for encouragement and as a praise report.
—nerve damage healed, heart arrhythmia healed, man who had a large boulder fall on his head 6 years ago and has been on full disability with a huge list of problems (hearing, sight, walking, constant horrible headache, seizures, couldn’t drive, neck and back pain, etc, etc) was completely healed and the Drs verified it!, pelvic cist vanished, stage 4 cancer victim who couldn’t even barely move her right arm for the last year and a half due to the amount of tumors in her shoulder regained full range of motion and all pain left!, woman with 3 different lung diseases who was came to the service on oxygen had her lungs completely healed. We watched in astonishment as her oxygen counter went from (81) very low, to ((97) normal with no oxygen tank! She came back to another meeting days later and testified that she had slept normally and had not been short of breath for the first time in years!, woman who was run over by a car several years ago and had nerve, muscle, bone damage with constant pain in both legs was completely healed, chronic neuropathy healed in husband and wife team, woman with fuzzy sight ever since cataract surgery had her vision clear up, woman who was hit by a semi truck while walking and had 19 of 22 vertebrae broken, no peripheral vision in her right eye, no feeling in her right arm, severe pain in her back and neck, etc, was healed !
God is alive and well and He loves us!!!

Prodigal Returns!

Here’s another answer to prayer that we just became aware of from your ministry trip to Wichita last year.  You prayed with a ministry couple who have been in full time mercy ministry for a lot of years.  They came up for prayer with deep grief over their teenage son who had been in full blown rebellion from middle school age all the way through high school.  He was going to go to college and they feared the worst, especially because nothing had changed in seven years.  You prayed for the son and the next day he was changed and from that day onward he kept changing, and has been set free from rebellion!!   He is following the Lord, PRAISE GOD!!!
Thought you should hear  : ))))
Thank you for serving the Lord like you do.
In His love,
Norelle Lutke

Stomach that was paralyzed from birth healed after 16 years!

My name is LeAnne Gunderson and my youngest son, Christopher, was born with a rare disorder called Chronic Pseudo Obstruction Syndrome or “paralyzed stomach”.  He has spent countless days in the hospital and endured 13 surgeries.  There is no cure for his disorder, so Christopher has been tube fed his entire life of 16 years.
Our journey has been long and hard.  We were told on more than one occasion to prepare for the worst, to prepare our hearts for our son’s death.  The doctors told us that his prognosis was grim and unclear.  Would he have brain damage?  Would his physical development be compromised?  Would he even live to see his first birthday?  The doctors really didn’t have the answers to any of these questions, but God did.  He was on the journey with us.  He picked us up and dusted us off when we fell down.  He carried us when we were tired, and in the end He blessed us with an instant healing miracle.
On November 6, 2011 our family attended a church service where Bruce VanNatta was speaking.  After the service, we met with Bruce and asked if he would help us pray that God would heal Christopher.  What followed was nothing short of MIRACULOUS!
As Bruce began a healing prayer, it felt as if the world was holding its’ breath.  The air in the room was still except for the movement of the Holy Spirit working inside Christopher.  The world literally melted away as the universe was suddenly hyper-focused on the young man at the center of it all.
Bruce was praying when Christopher suddenly announced that something was wrong.  He was grabbing at his feeding tube and saying that something was happening to it.  Bruce stopped praying and asked Christopher if he needed to sit down.  Christopher said that he was okay and wanted to keep going, so Bruce began again.  He said that we had to keep going as God wasn’t done yet.  At this point, I couldn’t close my eyes.  I had to watch.  I could feel the sweet weight of the Holy Spirit moving among us, and I wanted to watch Him work.  As Bruce continued praying aloud, I continued praying with my eyes wide open.
I didn’t see all the people still in the room.  I didn’t hear any other conversations accept for the one going on between Bruce, our family, and God.  All sense of time and place had disappeared.  It was just this moment in this place that mattered.  Christopher’s body was trembling slightly.  His face was completely flushed, and he had a look that I had never seen before.  It was VERY intense.
That’s when I saw it.  I saw the movement.  I felt my eyes widen in absolute amazement as I witnessed the vibration pulsating down through the pattern of his intestines.  I could see the vibration palpitate his feeding tubes with the beat of the Holy Spirit working within him.  There was a tactile, pinpoint focus.  It was like God had a laser beam aimed directly at Christopher’s abdomen, and He was healing him as it moved along his GI tract.
I didn’t know it then, but Christopher later told me that it felt like an electric shock moving through him.  He could feel the vibrating movement, the healing power of God.  He said it was difficult to describe, but it was undeniable.  He felt God healing him.
We were a cloud of Christian witnesses in the midst of a profound moment.  It was one moment in time that would change all others.  We were witnesses to an instant healing miracle, and our eyes were opened to the extraordinary power and plans of God.  We were not only blessed by Christopher’s healing, but we were blessed to be direct participants and witnesses as the Lord bent near the Earth, smiled on our son, and healed him.
After the prayer was over we thanked Bruce, and we all agreed that something WONDERFUL had just happened.  It was difficult to describe the raw emotion of the Holy Spirit at work among us, but we all felt it.  Something had just happened.  God’s healing power would shine brightly that very day as Christopher ATE HIS FIRST REAL MEAL FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE!  It was an extraordinary gift that would keep on giving!

Christopher’s feeding tubes have since been surgically removed, and he is now eating everything in sight.  Not only was his stomach completely healed that day, but His GI tract was completely healed as well and he no longer has stomach pain or digestion issues!  As an added bonus, we recently discovered that God also healed Christopher’s veins.  He had lost most of his IV access due to overuse, but God has miraculously healed the damage to Christopher’s veins!  God wasn’t finished yet.  He had one more healing miracle for Christopher.  He healed Christopher’s stuttering problem.  Christopher still stutters occasionally, but he can now share his testimony with the world without tripping over his words.
God bless,
LeAnne Gunderson

For more information please visit www.christophersmiraclestory.blogspot.com

Crohn’s Disease Healed

On October 18, 2011 I attended a Full Gospel Business Men’s dinner where Bruce Van Natta was speaking. I am so glad I attended that night, as a miracle occurred for me. He prayed a group prayer for everyone in the room that night and I was healed of Crohn’s disease which I had been dealing with since the age of 13. I am 31 years old now and finally—my stomach feels whole again. Thank you God for my healing.
Thank you, Renata Steltman

5 Conditions Healed in Bad Back

71 year old Dorothy Pray of New York came forward for prayer for her bad back and went away disappointed that there was no immediate change. This only made sense as the Doctors had told her that she would never get relief from the constant pain she had in her back, (pain she had dealt with for many years) because of the 5 conditions/problems she had, (arthritis, scoliosis, stenosis, bulging discs, compressed discs). Imagine her surprise when she woke up a few days later and realized her back was pain free for the first time in many years. The only ones more surprised than her was the Drs when they confirmed her back was healed. God is good and He answers prayers!

Belly Button Hernia Healed Instantly

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for praying for me last week. I had a very painful hernia in my belly button that stuck out. As you prayed it began to get smaller and smaller and the redness also went away. All the pain left my body as you spoke healing words from the Holy Spirit over my body! I praise you Father God for I am healed. It happened right away after the prayer, there was no more pain and the hernia disappeared.  All the Praise and Glory goes to God! Thank you for your faithfulness Bruce.
Teri Zokan

Mother and Daughter Healed

Dear Rev. Carlson,
Thank you again for calling me top pray with my daughter Calista on October 8th 2011. She said she felt very warm afterwards and has felt healing in her body ever since. I noticed an immediate difference in her as well! You might remember that I told you seconds after I was thinking about you and Sweetbread Ministries, the phone rang! What a blessing. Also, oddly enough (or maybe not), I myself had a healing that night. Due to a lot of stress and anxiety, constant worrying about my daughter, I had this horrible habit of scratching the back of my neck under my hairline. It started out like a small blemish was there, then I just kept picking at it for over 2 years! More than just a nervous habit at this point. I could not stop!!  While you were praying for Calista, which I listened to on speaker phone, I was lying down when all of a sudden my mouth opened and this strange, groaning, weird kind of sigh came out! Hard to truly explain. Ever since then, I have not done this awful habit anymore. It was like a bondage in my life, my husband would fuss at me all the time for doing it because I didn’t even realize when I was doing it sometimes.
So, WOW! Bonus healing for our family. My neck which was always swollen and irritated; is normal now. Praise God! Calista and I are grateful and thankful for the Favor of God for your call that night. We hope to meet you in person someday! In Jesus our Savior’s Name-Holy is the Lord, God Almighty!
Love and prayers, Linda & Calista

Tail Bone Healed after 30 years

I had a call today from Vickey Coates, she came to our church last year on a regular basis..She is now going to another church because her family goes there and they are pressuring her to go where they go..She wants to be with us..but she wants to be with her family too.. she is telling people to come to our church when they come to her and want a deeper experience with the Lord…she sent someone to us recently and wanted to let us know and give the lady’s name to us..so we talked and In our conversation this morning she wanted to tell me that she was at our church when you ministered there a year ago..when Pastor Dar and I were out of town..She said she was healed when you prayed for her Bruce. She had injured her tail bone when giving birth to her son 30 years ago and it had caused severe pain ever since. It hurt for her to even sit down in a chair! That pain left and she was healed totally..no more pain..completely healed for the first time in 30 years..she is in her 50’s..and it has now been close to a year since you prayed for her and the pain has not come back. One of our members..saw in the spirit..that our church will be known as a Church of Miracles..We are believing that.
Clara Kobs
Anointing Oil Faith Church

Liver Healed

God’s Blessing on you, Bruce. I doubt you will remember me from all the people that you have met and prayed for & with since we met @ Our Saviors in Colonie NY. The 2 Bruces @ Our Saviors was great for me and through you, I was healed by Our Lord God. My liver has gone from liver fibrosis before you prayed for me, to “Normal Enzime Count and perfect blood levels” as my Dr said scratching her head, unbelieving to the point of retesting twice before she accepted it as factual. So I would like to thank you for taking the time to come to our little church in Colonie and sharing your incredible story with us so that you were here for God to heal me through. I am grateful.
Ardey Borrelli

Jesus appears with Angels

In June 2009, I saw Bruce Van Natta on the It’s A New Day Christian program. Some of his story regarding addiction and childhood abuse clicked for me so I called him on August 3. I told Bruce that I had ongoing spiritual, physical and emotional problems even though I had become a Christian some 28 years earlier.  I still suffered terribly from shame and guilt. I told him I was also frightened to go to church. Bruce prayed for me for several minutes, saying In The Name of Jesus, that I would receive the Holy Spirit. He said it a few times but nothing happened and I thought “this is a very nice, sincere guy, but nothing is going to happen”. He also prayed that I would be surrounded by angels. I politely said I would keep in touch.

Several weeks went by and then one night I was overcome with a desire to praise God while I was listening to worship music. I ended up weeping bitterly for every sin I had ever committed and realized I had never ever experienced the promise of forgiveness and the removal of intense shame caused by my poor choices and bad behaviour throughout my life. I realized that I had never ever really trusted the Lord and I told Him I was sorry but I didn’t believe He could or would help me.

Then I had a vision of two angels standing in front of me where I was sitting and Jesus was at my left side kneeling, with His right arm draped over my shoulder. He motioned with His hand and one of the angels moved closer. I shut  my eyes and then felt a warm mouth very close to mine and someone breathed warm sweet breath into my mouth; I inhaled, then exhaled, and we exchanged breaths like this several times. I felt filled with life and it was wonderful but very scary all at the same time because this was not my imagination – this was really happening! Then I felt every sin and feeling of shame and guilt pour up and out of me, and simultaneously the goodness and righteousness of God Himself poured into me. I opened my eyes and got up in a bit of a daze and could almost not stand the intense joy I felt inside my soul and body. It was like when  someone is tickling you a bit too long and it becomes a bit overwhelming. It was sheer joy and I danced around my living room. Then I fell on my knees with my forehead on the ground and worshipped God completely and spent the next several hours worshipping God by dancing and singing.

However, I still had a terrible fear of going to church.  Sometimes I would walk right up to the church doors but would suddenly be gripped by an overwhelming terror and I would walk right on by.  One Sunday morning, I heard the same fearful thoughts about church but then I heard God laughing gently and He told me not to listen to that voice anymore, that He was bigger.  I started laughing too because I realized that God was taking care of me.  The second I walked through the doorway of that church I felt the excitement and peace and love of God. At first I was horrified to see that some people were putting their hands up in the air while they worshipped – now I cannot keep mine down either. I have been instantaneously healed not only from chronic depression, but my digestion problems have gone away as well and other physical healing has taken place. Isn’t God wonderful that He used It’s a New Day and Bruce Van Natta’s ministry to reach me all the way in Vancouver!

Words From God

Dear Brother,
Thank you so much for the email up-date, you have been in my heart since the day you prayed for me and gave me words from the LORD.  They have all been answered one after the other just like HE told you. Thank you so much for letting the LORD use you. The place was the Connection church in Poway  California and you said that GOD was going to answer my prayers for my daughter one after another and you kept snapping your fingers and that had meaning to me.  My daughter’s court problem got granted to the amazement of her lawyer.  My daughter got her case opened and they put her in a return to work program that pays for her child care service while she trains and works and they also give her cash, food allowance and medical care, Which is a great relief to us financially.  GOD is also working on her heart I am seeing the change.  Praise GOD for HIS MERCY! Thank you for your obedience and  may the LORD continue using you and protecting you and your family.  Oh, one more thing, what made me excited was that you said God was about to answer my prayers for my daughter, and you didn’t know me, so I knew it was a word from the LORD.
Sincerely Zaraida

Cancer Gone

Hi Bruce,
I am writing you to give God, thanks And praise for a miracle healing for my sister.  We attended a healing service at the Ramada inn located in  Essington Pa.  We were with the “As the Spirt Leads “Radio show group.   My 2 sisters my mom and my niece attended the service and we were all amazed with your testimony.  When you and Doug Collins began calling up people to be prayed on with cancer my sister went up.  My sister had cancer in her hipbone. When she came back she was telling me that nothing had happened. I told her to close her eyes and believe that God can heal her, as we both had our eyes closed and were praying, Doug came running down the isle and touched my sister on the shoulder, and we both were knocked over into our seats by the power of the Holy Spirit. Ha Ha !! When we awoke we were both laughing . About 2 weeks later my sister went back to the doctor for a scan of the bone the doctor was amazed the bone had healed and the cancer is gone.  Praise God!! Thank You for letting God work thru You and Doug that day.
Steve Volpe

Emphysema and asthma healed

Sani Wilson brought me to your healing service and now I’ve been healed and cured from emphysema. Chest xrays are good and I can now swim 15 to 20 laps 4 times a week. Ever since the service I breathe better and have no signs of asthma anymore either! I witness and share this to non-beleivers and make them believe by my testimony from my own life experience. When is the next time you will be back in College Point or Queens? Many followers want to attend a service to get prayed for and receive a healing too. Thank you so much that God allowed it and you opened up enough to let Him in to serve His people.
From College Point Queens New York Francis Coppola

Arthritis Healed

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 14 years ago. I was in extreme pain from my neck down to my toes. After Doctoring for some time I was given Methotrextrate which is a cancer drug, but it really helped take away the pain. I could function while I was on it. Over the years I had attempted to go off the meds a number of times and with in a couple weeks I was in so much pain I had to take them again. Then I met Bruce Van Natta and Bruce Carlson and they prayed over me and I went off the meds once again and was pain free for around six months.  Then the symptoms returned. I saw Bruce Van Natta at another speaking event and he asked me how I was doing. I had to tell him that the symptoms had returned. He said Teri why did you not call me and let me know how you were feeling. He said that was the devil taking away my healing and that I had to have faith and believe that God was the great Healer. So he once again prayed over me and I went off my meds. And now it has been two years that I have been healed! I went to my Doctor for my annual physiscal and she was giving me my results when she asked if I had an RA Dr. I said “No, not any more, I do not have RA.” She said that is not what your results say. A normal count is 10 and she said I was at 332. I know what 332 feels like, that was what my count was when I was 1st diagnosed and I could hardly move. I told her I had never felt so good and that I was going to believe what my body was telling me and that is God has healed me.  Later I thought why would God allow my count to be so high, then I realized that if the count was normal they would say I was originaly misdiagnosed, but with the count saying I have it, (RA) and my body not feeling any pain, it proves my God the Great Physician has healed me.  I will continue to give praise and glory to Jesus Christ and our amazing Father who loves us all very, very, much.
Thank you so much Bruce and Bruce for coming into my life and showing me how much our Lord loves us and wants us to be happy. All we need to do is put our faith in Him alone.
Teri Cernoch
Tomahawk Wi

Two Weeks in New York Yields Much Fruit

In July of 2010 Bruce Carlson and Bruce Van Natta spent 2 weeks ministering in the New York area. We spoke 13 times and were on 3 TV shows and also did 3 radio shows. We saw about 50 people receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior at the in person meetings. Praise God!!! The Lord confirmed His Word with signs following at each place. There were people who had visions of Jesus and people who saw angels as well as other signs and wonders including demons being cast out and off of people, and many physical healings as well. Some of the more notable healings were; a completely blind eye that was now able to see the beard on Bruce Carlson’s face, a completely deaf ear that could now hear voices on the phone, a bent over back that was straightened, and a severe case of arthritis that was healed! Jesus is still in the miracle business and still comes to save, heal, and deliver people because of His great love for us!

Unforgiveness Stops Healing!

After speaking at a large women’s conference I invited the people forward for prayer and a woman ran up to be first in line. She started by listing off a huge amount of illnesses and said she was in pain and sick a lot. I placed my hands on her and prayed over her for a few minutes and sensed that there was nothing happening at all in response to my prayers. I stopped praying and asked the Lord what was going on and He told me that the woman had unforgiveness for her ex-husband and 2 other people from her past. I told her what I felt the Holy spirit had told me, and asked her if she agreed. She said she did, but couldn’t forgive any of these people for what they had done to her. I explained to her briefly about what it means to make a decision to forgive someone even when we don’t “feel” like it, or even when they don’t “deserve” it in our eyes and how the Lord can and will supernaturaly empower us by the Holy Spirit to do this. I also reminded her that Jesus chooses to forgive us, and we don’t deserve it either. I asked her to go stand off to the side for a while and pray about it. About an hour later she came back through the line again and told me that she had made the decision to forgive these people and had turned the situation over to the Lord. I just began to pray and hadn’t even touched her when the Power of God knocked her to the floor. When she got back up minutes later she exclaimed that all of her pain was gone now!  God speaks clearly about unforgiveness in the Bible and we need to heed His words for our own well being, spirtitually and physically.

Tell Her She Can Trust Me!

Very late one night after ministering for hours to people at a church service I decided to just sit down near the alter area, as there were no more people left wanting prayer. A small red haired girl of about 7 years old walked up to me and pointed her finger at me and said, “Tonight I heard you say that if we prayed to Jesus He would heal us and you prayed for me a couple of times tonight and my stomach still hurts!” The girl was right. I did say that and I had prayed for her a few times already, with no change in her condition. She had been born with some type of intestinal problem and it had caused her a lot of grief already in life. My eyes began to tear up as I felt compassion for this child and pain in my heart as I contemplated what she was saying. I asked her if I could pray again. She said OK and I just got still before the Lord and aked Him what I should do. He gave me a “word of knowledge” for her almost instantly. He said that “she didn’t trust Him, and that I was to tell her that she could trust Him”. So I told her to shut her eyes and think about how much Jesus loved her. I began repeating that she could trust Him and had her start to repeat it with me. All of a sudden she gently fell backwards and was caught by her little friend who had come forward with her. Her mother came up after she had been laying on the floor for at least 10 minutes and tried to wake her, but she was out cold. After quite a while she came to and said that the pain in her stomach was gone now!

This incident, and some others, has forced me to contemplate what it looks like when we are held accountable to what our thoughts about God are, and how that affects us. (If this would happen with a child, how much more for adults?) If you are dealing with a sickness that won’t leave, or some other seemingly unanswered prayer, this might be something to at least consider. Research the Bible for God’s promises and nature and see if your heart-felt beliefs line up with what you find.

Salvation, Healing, and Gold Dust All in One

A woman decided to invite her friend to a healing service we held at a church. Her friend was going through some hard times emotionally and was in need of physical healing besides. The guest had ended up accepting the Lord into her life earlier (Praise God) and even though it was nothing she was familiar or even comfortable with, she came forward for prayer for severe pain in her back, hip, and leg. After sitting her down in a chair and holding her legs out it became apparent that one leg looked a few inches shorter than the other. We commanded the leg to come out and the back and hip to come into perfect alignment in the name of Jesus at which point the legs became even. We stood the woman up and she declared that the severe pain she had been suffering was completely gone. We prayed again for her heart and emotions to be made whole and she fell down under the Power of God. Minutes later someone noticed that she had what looked like “gold dust” scattered all over her body.

In the old testament we know that the “temple” was a building that had parts that were covered with gold. In the new testament we know that the “temple” is our body. (The old testament often foreshadows the new testament.) When the gold dust shows up the Lord is just covering His “temple” with gold as he done in the past. This woman was saved, healed, and delivered by the blood of the lamb and God decided to also give a “sign”, or a “wonder”. (Acts 4:30)

Addiction Gone after 45 years!

Dear Bruce, It’s almost a year since you prayed for me and I am still smoke free! I smoked for over 45 years at least a pack a day. I had tried everything I could to stop smoking, medications, patches, etc, and never could quit. I threw many full or nearly full packs away over the years and also tried substituting other things for smoking, but still I couldn’t beat this addiction. But when you prayed for me, Jesus won the battle and I became a non-smoker! I am not fighting addiction any more, (I was losing the battle anyway.) Jesus took the desire away, He is my deliverer! Ruth

Miracles in Africa

A group of four of us went on an evangelical trip to Africa that included pastors and leaders training as well as Bible school engagements and church services. While there we saw the Lord move mightily in many ways. One team member (Pastor Matt) ministered under a very strong prophetic anointing during the whole trip which was exciting. Two of us were given the same “word of knowledge” within a few minutes while ministering to a group of Bible college students. The Lord said that there was a person in that group who was going to be a “Champion” for the Kingdom and was going to be used to not only to affect the country of Ghana, but the continent of Africa! (We made sure to get pictures of each person in attendance.) We also saw the Lord do various miracles, including seeing a man who had suffered a stroke and had lost the use of his left leg and arm, get much mobility back almost instantly. There were many sick people made well and those in pain were given reflief. Jesus is still in the miracle business and He says He will “confirm” His Word with signs following. Praise the Lord!!!

Baby on the way!

Hello Bruce, When I, (Steve) was 9 years old I was diagnosed with Acute Aplastic Anemia. Doctors hypothesized a few reasons why I got sick but looking at our situation now I can see how it brought glory to the Lords name. I was treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. They had me undergo chemo therapy. Then I was given a bone-marrow transplant, my older sister Christa donated her marrow. The chemo left my chances of having children at 2-3%. When you are that young you dont think about those kind of things. When I was in my teens I did think about it and it made me very sad (it was almost as if it were all a bad dream and I was waking up to the realities of life). Lets just say I did not lead a Christ centered life as a teenager. Drugs, alcohol, etc. (your testimony felt very familiar to me Bruce). Well after a spell and some failed relationships, I met the most wonderful woman (I thought she was out of my “class”). She told me later that when she saw me that she saw our children, a boy and a girl. She knew that we would be married, and soon enough that came true. After trying to get pregnant with no success and knowing my past we started pursuing adoption because we wished to become parents. More time passed and we finished all the classes to foster/adopt in the state of Iowa. Books about adoption often say that couples should mourn the inability to have their own children, but we never wanted to give up hope. That was part of the reason that we wanted to be prayed over the night we saw you speak at the church. A week after receiving our foster/adoptive license we found out that Lana was pregnant. Praise the Lord! We still plan on adopting. When a doctor says 2-3%, God says 103%. Thank you Jesus and thank you Bruce for everything that you are doing in the Lord’s name. You have inspired us to a new level of faith in Christ. Praise God!
Steve and Lana Snyders

MS beat back, Lungs Healed, and Tumor Vanished

Pastor Steve Roberts at Gateway Ministry Center in Northfield Mn. hosted Doug Collins, Todd Crawford, and Bruce Van Natta for a 39 hour healing event in December 2009. This event started at 3 PM on Friday and went until 6 AM on Sunday morning. Friday night a woman with MS came forward and Doug Collins prayed over her condition. By the end of his prayers she had regained complete strength and movement in her right arm as well as loosing the burning sensation she had been dealing with. Another woman came forward that night and Doug prayed over a tumor that was in her throat. By the end of those prayers the tumor had shrunk to half the size it was. On Saturday Reverend Todd Crawford prayed for a woman who had trouble breathing do to a condition in her lungs that had greatly reduced the amount of oxygen she was getting. After prayer the woman was able to jump up and down without loosing her breath and then even sang a song to those present to prove that the Lord had completely healed her. As the event progressed and those attending pressed in, the presence of the Lord kept increasing. On saturday night a man came forward who had a tumor the diameter of a quarter in his throat. When Bruce Van Natta touched his finger to the tumor and began praying the tumor instantly vanished! Everyone was praising the Lord and a sense of awe continued to grow. Shortly after that Jay Sandifer started to lead worship and it seemed as though we were at the throne of God for the next few hours. Various people had visions and encounters with God and many people said that they had never experienced His presence like that in a worship service before. The Lord is looking for those who desire His presence and are hungry for Him!!!

Testimony of Juana Canna

I was having problem going to sleep one night two weeks ago and decided to turn the T.V. on. I was channel surfing for a while when the title caught my attention, It said “Supernatural” on the Catholic channel EWTN I started watching and it was Bruce Van Natta – discussing his book “Saved by Angels”. I was completely mesmerized by his story of faith. I knew I had to buy his book. The very next day I went to Barnes and Noble and placed my order. I couldn’t wait to read it. Once I picked it up – I couldn’t put it down.
I read it every moment. I would read it during my lunch hour, while making dinner, if we went out – I would ask my husband to drive so that I could read it, in between my homework assignments. If I had free time – I was reading.
I have struggled with my walk with God for quite some time now, it always felt superficial. My heart wasn’t 100% committed and God’s presence didn’t feel real. Although I knew about His glory and awesome power – I was still skeptical. I would tell myself – “Why would God want anything to do with me. I am nowhere near perfect”. This feeling of worthlessness kept me away from God. It took Bruce’s life story to help me to see that God will never abandon me. Even though I am a sinner, He still loves me and wishes to build a relationship with me.
This year has been a time of transformation. I have learned so much about God. I desire to know Him more and to teach my children everything I know about Him. “Saved by Angels” is the one thing I needed to help me to TRULY BELIEVE!
PRAISE GOD FOR HIS LOVE AND GLORY! Thank you Bruce for sharing your story with the world!
Juana E Canna
P.S. I truly love your book. I have read countless Christian books to help me in my walk with God and your book TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. Your message was so clear and simple. I love your honesty – how you shared your problem with addiction. It was that honesty that made me realize how much God loves me. I have done things in my life that I am not proud off – but I now know I can find salvation and peace in our Savior.

Vision of Jesus

Our Lord came to Bruce Van Natta in a vision while at Zion Lutheran Church in Garretson South Dakota in November 2009. After speaking Bruce invited people forward for prayer and began to minister to the needs of those present. The Holy Spirit instructed Bruce to quit praying for people himself and begin to have other people pray for those who had come forward. As one person would receive healing, they would be the one to pray for the next person, and so on. As each miracle happened those present got more and more excited until almost all of the people who were still at the church were crowded in the front, at the alter, watching the miracles happen. During this time the Holy Spirit told Bruce to walk away from the group, over by the piano that was in an opening of a small room, off to the right side of the church. Between the piano and the wall of that small room was a pew. When Bruce came into the area he saw a vision of Jesus sitting at the pew and Bruce immediately got on his knees and bowed his head. Jesus then told him to come and sit next to Him. When he did they were both now looking across the top of the piano in the direction of the people who were praying for each other and yelling out their praises to God as the miracles were happening. (This was something that had NEVER happened before in this church.) Jesus then said, “Do you see that, they don’t even realize you’re gone.” This stung momentarily, but Jesus went on to say that this made Him happy and was exactly what He wanted, everyday people praying for each other in their church, home, neighborhood, work place, school, etc and giving GOD all the Glory. Jesus went on to tell Bruce that he was to go into other places and do this same thing, start fires in people’s hearts for God and then leave and go to the next place and do the same thing again. Jesus repeated that this made Him happy and that when Bruce left an area the Holy Spirit would continue to work in people’s lives in the same way that a small spark is able to start a fire that burns out of control. Glory to God!!! He has all the power and gets all the credit and yet wants to use each of us to be Holy-Spirit arsonists for Him!

Surgery Canceled

While at Cross-Roads Church, (Forrest Lake Mn), in October of 2009 Bruce Van Natta and other members of this church got to wittness the Lord do an amazing miracle in the life of one woman, (among others). She came forward with a prayer request for the severe pain in her back. After prayer the pain left her body. The next week she was scheduled for an apoinment to discuss surgery on her “bad” back. At the pre-op appointment she told the Dr. that she no longer had pain after being prayed for. They re-did some tests and found that the back was now in perfect condition. The surgery was canceled and the Lord gets all the credit. This is not the first time that we have seen the Lord heal someone and a surgery get canceled because of it. We know that many times the Lord uses Dr.s and medicine to heal people, but we also know that sometimes He chooses to perform a supernatural miracle instead. To God be all the Glory no matter how He chooses to heal his children!

God’s Power released in Toronto

In the middle of September 2009 Bruce Van Natta was ministering in the greater Toronto area at a few churches and on some TV shows. He teamed up with evangelist Doug Collins, (a good friend from Canada) while at Park Road Assembly church in Brantford. During the “hands on” ministry portion of the service the power of God started to be released which resulted in several miracles. There were a number of people who were healed from many different types of problems. There were people who received spiritual healing by coming to and receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We saw emotional healing from things like depression and anxiety, etc. There were physical healings from many things including hearing loss, aches, pains and the like. These people were hungry for God and the church had prepared the ground through fervent prayer. They delighted themselves in the Lord and He gave them the desires of their hearts, (Psalm 37:4)

Healing Testimony of a paralized prostitute

In the first week of September 2009 Bruce Van Natta was in Honduras on a short mission trip. After speaking at a small church in a mountain village the leader of the group asked Bruce if he would pray for a local prostitute who had been confined to her bed for the last 4 months because of some type of paralysis. The leader told Bruce that this woman had caused many problems there for the ministry and had even gone so far as interrupting the services and giving death threats to the leaders of the church group. They hoped that if the Lord healed the woman she would be changed and quit fighting against this ministry. After following a narrow path that led to her shack, they found her lying on her bed, her head twisted to one side and a 5 gallon bucket next to the bed so that she could use it to urinate and pass waste into. Bruce Van Natta spoke to the woman through the interpreter and she agreed to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior and renounce her former life including the witch craft. At that point the group of people prayed for her and she was completely healed and could walk once again. After that they prayed for her again and the power of God hit her and she went down on the dirt floor for a while. When she got up this time she was weeping and asking for forgiveness for all that she had done. There was then a time of reconciliation between her and the church leader. The book of Acts is still being played out today!!! On this short trip we saw many people healed and several people delivered from demonic forces!!! God is still doing miracles and His love is enough to not only forgive, but change even the hardest of hearts!!! Praise the Lord!

The Lord Knows

In Late August 2009 Bruce Van Natta and Joan Grunwald did a healing seminar at Shepard of the Lakes church. After 3 days of teaching and miracles the faith level had risen to the point that many people were able to receive what the Lord had for them. On the last night a large man walked up front for prayer over an addiction to cigarettes. By the way that he was standing there, (his posture, clenched fists, etc.) it was clear that he was not going to let himself fall or be slain in the Spirit if he had anything to do with it. Before praying for the addiction the Lord gave Bruce a Word of Knowledge about the man. The Holy Spirit said that one of the man’s parents never loved him and when he would let go of that pain, forgive, and let the Lord fill that hole in his heart, he would no longer be addicted to cigarettes. When Bruce asked the man which one of his parents never loved him, he was shocked at this knowledge. The man visibly slumped and then said it was his mom. Bruce then told the man what the Holy Spirit had just spoken and when the man had hands laid on him, he went to the floor, knocked out by the redeeming power of God. A strong sense of love filled the room as the Lord ministered to the man’s heart which was the real issue. Oh Lord, minister to each of as we need!

Faith of a Child

In July of 2009 Bruce Van Natta spoke at a prayer banquet in Baton Rouge La. After the service, (where aproximately 1,000 people attended), Bruce made an anouncement that he would be available to pray with people in a designated area. While moving to that area a small boy came up and asked if Bruce would say a prayer for his mother. Bruce asked the boy if his mother was at the event and he said yes, but didn’t think she would come forward for prayer. Bruce encouraged the boy to have his mother come forward for prayer. Later, the boy and his mother made their way through the line and stepped forward when it was their turn. It was obvious that the child had begged his mother to come forward and that she really wasn’t so sure about getting prayed for. At that point the Holy Spirit gave Bruce a Word of Knowledge that the boy was to pray for his mother and that she was going to be healed. When the child prayed for his mother the pain immediately left her body and she was healed. The boy and his mother both began to cry. The Holy Spirit then gave another Word of Knowledge that the Lord was showing this young boy the reality of God, the power of prayer and that he was being called into ministry. God is sooo good!!!

Healing Testimony of “Carol”

June 15th through the 19th of 2009 Bruce Van Natta was on the “It’s A New Day” TV program in Canada. At the end of the 3rd day of taping The Lord gave Bruce a vision of a gray haired woman that had pain in her left leg from the hip to the knee. The name “Carol” also came with the vision. Bruce called out this “Word of Knowledge” and explained to the viewing audience that although this was a prerecorded taping, the Lord knew exactly who would be watching, including this woman named “Carol”, and that the Lord wanted to heal her on the spot if she was willing to accept it. Soon after the airing of the show this elderly woman called the “It’s A New Day” program very excitedly to report that as soon as she heard it, her leg was instantly healed. God is good and He not only knows the things that each one of us are going through, but He wants to help us through them. (You can view this “word” being given at the end of the 3rd “It’s A New Day” episode in the media center.)

Healing Testimony of Forrest Garrett

I want to thank you for comming to Sr. High Alive June 23, 2009, becasue God
has blessed me in so many ways. After my feet were prayed for (I was born with flat feet), and then they were healed, I felt amazing. I experienced God in a way like I never had before. It blew my mind that the creator of the universe would
care about my feet! In fact, just last night, my mother had been
having problems with her leg after she had broken it a year ago, so I
prayed for her in the way we were taught, and (praise God) it
did not hurt again that night, or today either. Thank you so much for
coming, and for helping the LORD equip me for His ministry. Thank you!
Give him the praises,
Forrest Garrett
P.S. My feet have been great!

Testimony of Jesus Hugging People

There have been testimonies by a few people who have contacted us, who after hearing my testimony of when Jesus hugged me as a small child, have prayed to the Lord and asked Jesus to hug them also, because of some very difficult circumstance they are facing in their life. These people have described a simialar experience to what happened to me, such as an extreme presence of love and peace overcoming them. (One man said that it was like getting hit with a lightning bolt of love from God!) This proves that when we trully seek the Lord and His face, He is there for us. God knows what we need and when we need it. Remember that there doesn’t have to be a physical manifestation of His presence to receive the peace, joy, and love that He offers!

Healing Testimony of Darlene and Gary Courture

Darlene had come to one of the meetings we held in May 2009 in Ironwood Michigan. She had come forward to be prayed over for a small list of things that night. I spoke with her a few weeks after the event on the phone and she had a couple of praise reports to share.
She had struggled with IBS, (irritable bowel syndrome) for years, but since being prayed for it was gone completely. Praise The Lord! (Anyone who has had to deal with this condition can tell you just how miserable it is.)
She also had been diagnosed with bursitis in her shoulders, back, and hips several years ago. It was something that caused her pain on a constant basis. But, since being prayed for, she was completely pain free! God is good!
At this point her husband Gary got on the phone and asked for prayer for his left eye. He had glaucoma in it and his vision had deteriorated gradually. After praying the vision in his eye has continued to improve. The testimony of what the Lord had done in his wife’s body had helped build his faith so that it was easier for him to recieve healing for himself.
This is the reason we like to post some of the things we see the Lord doing. We hope that it builds your faith also, so that you too can receive what the Lord has to offer for you!

Healing Testimony of Rose Lopez

In April 2009, Rose came forward for prayer at one of the meetings we held in Honolulu Hawaii. She had a few different prayer requests, with one of them being a deaf left ear. After praying for her for a while I moved to the next person and was about to start praying for them, when the Holy Spirit reminded me that I had not prayed for her ear issue.
I came back to her and quickly prayed for her ear. She began to tap on both of her ears , first one and then the other, several times. There was a strange look on her face, so I asked what was happening. She excitedly told me that she could hear perfectly out of both of her ears now. God had healed her deaf ear on the spot! God is a good and loving God that we can pray to with expectation! He not only hears us, but cares about us as well.

Healing Testimony of Maribeth C.

In March 2009 I attended a church service at which you gave your testimony. I know that when God’s Word goes forth that His power is present. I also knew that because of your testimony that you also believe that God heals so I knew that the power of agreement would be present. Because of all this, I came to church that night expecting healing in my body. After you shared your testimony, there was an alter call for anyone wanting hands laid on them and prayer for healing. I had different things in my body that needed healing and I really didn’t know what I was going to ask for but I knew I was to come forward.

Many people came forward so there was a wait. During my wait, I was praying and worshipping the Lord and my right ear (which I’ve not been able to hear out of for over 20 years) started crackling. I knew then I was to ask for my hearing to be restored. Both you and my Pastor prayed over me and spoke into my right ear. I did not sense immediately that my hearing was restored but I do know that my ear continued to make crackling noises the rest of the night. I continued to thank and praise God until bed time. The next morning after showering, I had my hair wrapped in a towel and I found myself swinging to my right side to see what was there. I then realized I had heard the crinkle of my towel. I immediately ran to the telephone to see if I could hear the dial tone. Praise God, I could hear! My hearing wasn’t crystal clear, but I could hear noise.

God made our bodies to function so wonderfully. Since my hearing in the right ear was lost, my hearing in the left ear has been more sensitive. My left ear heard noise at a much higher level that normal as a result of the workings of the brain. I may have had my hearing restored that night at the healing service and it just took my brain some time to adjust. I don’t really know. Since my hearing has been restored I do have to exercise my hearing in the right ear only so that the brain can readjust. This seems to improve my hearing to make it sharper and clearer.

I thank God for what He did for us at the Cross and I also thank you for being obedient to God and sharing your testimony. Isn’t God Great and aren’t we so blessed to be His children?
A sister in Jesus Christ, Maribeth C.

Healing Testimony of Mislyn Pascal

In February of 2009 Mislyn Pascal, (of Montreal Canada), saw Bruce Van Natta’s testimony on TV and was encouraged by what the Lord had done in his life. As the weeks went by she began to feel led to call him and have him pray for her. She had severe pain and constant swelling in her right hip that caused her to have to use a cane to walk. She believed that if the Lord would send angels to save Bruce, and then send someone to pray for his intestine, the Lord could and would heal her too.
She contacted Bruce Van Natta and they prayed together for the Lord to heal her hip. When they got done praying she didn’t feel much better, but decided to believe that the Lord was healing her regardless of how she felt that instant.
Within a few days the pain and swelling was completely gone and she is now able to walk without a cane! Her faith in God’s love, caused His healing power to be released! (Mark 5:21-34)

Healing Testimony of Eric Roberson

In February 2009, the pain of my gout had become increasingly worse, after several doctor visits their only help was with pain medicine. I had the pain for several months, (since before Thanksgiving), but it had got progressively worse. My kidney problems were the main cause of my gout, with only around 30-40% kidney function, the gout is a side affect. My feet have been a problem for a long time, racked with pain do to this. The pain is so intense that I can’t sleep or rest at all.
I truly believe that God can heal the sick but sometimes my faith wanes. This time the pain was the worst than it had ever been, with the pain shooting up my leg now. At this point my wife was really wanting me to go to the hospital so she called my mom to have her try to talk me in to it. After being in the hospital for my kidney problem, I hate going there, it has to be the worst place in the world. I know they do good work there and there are people that really help and care but I hate it, so I was against going there. My mom talked to my wife Amy for a few minutes, (she knew that I wouldn’t go to the hospital) so after a few minutes of talking with me, she said she knew Bruce Van Natta after having him on Sid’s program (“It’s Supernatural”) and that God had worked greatly through Bruce and several people had been healed in his meetings and phone ministry, so she wanted me to call him. I was kind of skeptical, but it was mom so I couldn’t say no.
From the moment I started talking to Bruce, I knew that God was at work. His testimony is almost unbelievable, God did several miracles in his life. One of the first questions he asked me was did I blame God for the problem? “No”, I said. He asked if I believed that God could heal me? “Yes” I answered, then he began to pray. Not a quick prayer to get off the phone, but a truly in-depth prayer, asking God to heal everything wrong, gout, kidney, everything. By the end of the phone call my foot began to feel a lot better. A few days later the pain was completely gone and hasn’t come back since! A month later I went to the kidney doctor and my protein level had dropped 1500 points for 2.5 to 1.0! Protein is my biggest problem with my kidneys because the protein scars the kidney tissue and kidney tissue doesn’t heal back, only God can do that. I thank God for Bruce and his family. I pray for them and everytime I do I pray that God would continue to use him to help the sick and the lost.
signed, Eric Roberson

Healing Testimony of Dawn Thomas

I had been suffering with depression for approximately 18 years and had been on medication for a good part of that. I had very strong negative feelings about myself. I blamed myself for things that were not my fault. It is painful to go into too much detail, but there were many times that I felt like I couldn’t go on feeling this way. I went to hear Bruce Van Natta speak (January 09) on the miracle that happened to him. It was very inspirational. God moved me to contact him and ask him to pray with me about my depression. I was able to contact Bruce and we talked about depression. He explained to me that all the negative thoughts I had about myself were all lies from the devil. I had doubts that the medication I was taking was helping me.
Bruce prayed with me, that the negative, evil thoughts would leave. I can’t remember all the words he said, but I know it was powerful and God was working. I was trembling and shaking and I knew God was helping me. Since that day, I have not had one negative thought about myself and no thoughts of “not wanting to go on.” I was off all my medication in one week and have had no side effects going off. The one thing that sticks in my mind, is that Bruce said to “Put my confidence in my Lord”. This will be forever my motto. How wonderful it is.
Since that day that we prayed, I am myself again. I have my emotion back and not a numbness. I am not just going through the motions anymore. I am sincerely thankful to God. I feel his love. I love to read the Bible now. Before I would read the Bible, but there was a block there for me, like no emotion could get in. I know a miracle happened that day, my depression is gone! Not to say, I don’t get sad about things, but it is a very different sad than what I was experiencing before. It is a sadness about a situation but not about who I am. By putting my hope, joy, and confidence in the Lord, I know I will continue to be fine.
Dawn Thomas

Testimony of Greg Cochrane

Somewhere along my Christian walk I was subtlety becoming more like a religious Pharisee than the joy filled Spirit led Christian I started out as. After reading Saved by Angels my faith in and love for our tender, merciful, miracle working God was strengthened and renewed. Bruce brings home in real life situations both fantastic and mundane that we have a God who in spite of our many failures and weaknesses never stops loving us never gives up on
us and is intimately involved in every detail of our lives speaking to us blessings and answering prayer.
Thank you Bruce for having the courage to
share some your most painful memories along with your real life struggles. This really gave me hope that I too could be forgiven and healed and that in spite of these God has not and never will give up on me.
Truly God is still working miracles and speaks to everyday ordinary people like you and me.
Sincerely, Greg Cochrane

Healing Testimony of Terri Jennings

On January 3rd, 2006, (her 50th birthday), Terri Jennings was diagnoised with adenocarcinoma lung cancer. She went through an aggressive treatment plan and surgery before the cancer was eventually eradicated from her lungs. Some time later the cancer started to develop in a lymph node in her neck and she was told that she now had stage 4 cancer. Again the Doctors started a treatment plan while family and friends lifted her up in prayer. After a PET scan and biopsy on March 17th, 2008 the Doctors told her that the cancer had metastisised in the lymph nodes in her back. Although the Doctors were still performing radiation treatment, Terri knew that this most recent prognosis could mean death.
A few months later while in prayer, Bruce Van Natta felt led by the Lord to call Terri and give her some encouragement along with a specific message. He called but was not able to connect with her for a week or two. When they did talk, Terri knew what the message was even before Bruce said it, because the Lord had been telling her the same thing. A few days later on June 15th, 2008 Bruce and 2 other members from their church anointed Terri with oil and prayed over her in the name of Jesus. When they commanded the cancer to leave her body in the name of Jesus she trembled momentarily and then began to feel heat in her body.
On June 17th, Terri went in for a prescheduled PET scan that would show the Doctors the current progresion of the cancer. To the Doctors amazement the cancer was completely gone! Although only a few people had actually laid hands on Terri in prayer, several people had been praying for her for a long time. God was gracious and answered all of those prayers on “Fathers Day” 2008.

Healing Testimony of Therman Billman

Therman Billman had been feeling tired and was having some stomach pain, so he made an appointment to go see a Doctor. The Doctor ran some tests and On October 12th, 2007 Therman was told he might have cancer. The blood tests showed that Therman’s white blood count was very low. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed the Doctor’s suspicions, and Therman was diagnoised with acute myelogenous leukemia, (AML). The Doctors told him that he only had a few months to live unless they were able to make some type of aggressive treatment work.
Sixty year old Therman had been a long-time believer in God and had seen him do mighty miracles before in his life, so he knew that God had the power to help him. Therman had a prison ministry and also was active at his church leading small group Bible studies. Anyone that knows Therman can tell you that he is one of those rare people who is able to live out his convictions just as strongly as he believes in them.
On October 28th, 2007 Bruce Van Natta was scheduled to speak at a church in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. During the hours of prayer and fasting before the event, the Lord gave Bruce a Word of Knowledge that someone would be coming up for prayer after the service who had a huge physical need, and the Lord said that the person would be healed from that problem.
Over 270 people attended the event and when the offer for prayers was made, 8 people came forward. Bruce listened as the 8 people gave their prayer requests to the groups of elders that were assembled to pray for them. When Therman Billman, (who Bruce had never met), anounced what his need was, Bruce knew this was the person that God had told him about. After the group had finished praying for him, Bruce pulled Therman aside and told him what he felt the Lord had said earlier. Therman said that he was trusting God and received what Bruce said. A small group prayed again and thanked the Lord for what He was going to do in Therman’s life.
On November 8th, 2007 Therman started his first of three rounds of chemo-therapy and the Doctors could find no cancer after this first treatment. He is 100% cancer free and the Doctors have told Therman from the begining that he is their poster-child/star example of how they wish every cancer case went.
Therman believes that we have a God who heals His children and wants the very best for them. He also accepts in faith that if for some reason God does not heal us, we can be certain that He has a purpose for it and will bring good out of difficult circumstances.
update: In June of 2009 Therman went home to be with the Lord due to complications after his body rejected a bone marrow transplant that he had. His cancer never came back.

Healing Testimony of Bruce Van Natta

In November of 2006 a Peterbuilt logging truck fell of a jack and the front axle pinned me to the concrete floor crushing my mid–section to a thickness of a couple of inches. (The Lord sent 2 angels to save my life initially, but that’s another story.) Veins and arteries below the heart were severed and some internal organs were damaged. After my fourth operation in February of 07 my small intestine was now less than 100 cm. The doctors told us that a person needs a minimum of 100 cm to be able to live even a shortened life due to the fact that the body will starve to death gradually, because of not being able to ingest the needed nutrients and vitamins from the food. My weight had dropped from 185 lbs to 126 lbs by this point.
A man named Bruce Carlson heard about my accident and felt led by the Lord to buy a ticket to Wisconsin so that he could pray for me. (I had only met him once before this. While on vacation in his home state I dislocated my shoulder at a church event he was attending and he had prayed over me and my shoulder was completely healed, instantly!) After he flew to Wisconsin he came to the hospital and placed one palm on my forehead. He prayed that the Lord would answer all of the prayers that people all over the country had been praying for me. When he said that I started to feel something like electricity flowing out of his hand and into my body. My eyes were closed but I could see what looked like light particles coming out of his hand in my “minds eye”. He next commanded my small intestine to grow supernaturally in length in the name of Jesus. I turned to a friend that was in the room and commented that it felt like a snake was rolling around in my stomach.
A few months later I was back in the hospital having some tests done in preparation for another operation. The radiologists did a test where they measured and inspected my small intestine aided by a computer. The first person did the test and then the senior radiologist came and did the test again. I asked what the problem was and they told me that there were errors in my records, but they were having a hard time understanding how they occurred. After the third operation my records showed a total length of 100 cm. The fourth operation was to remove another section of my small intestine so at that point I had less than 100 cm. After performing their test twice they concluded that I had over 300 cm of small intestine now. This meant that each time I was operated on they would have had to grossly miscalculate the length of my intestine. This puzzled the radiologist because the doctor that performed my operations was the head of the trauma department and had an impeccable reputation. He was not known for making errors.
These people didn’t know that the Lord had sent Bruce Carlson to pray for me and that the Lord had performed a healing miracle! After losing weight continually, I started to gain weight back right after Bruce Carlson prayed over me. I have now been able to gain back 40 lbs due to the intestine being longer. Praise God that he continues to dish out the gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in the Bible. God is still in the business of doing miracles!

Healing Testimony of Randy Enge (via e-mail to Bruce Carlson)

Just came from a small group meeting at Ryan’s folks place, and Sherrie said you wondered how I was doing. Wonderful, great, fabulous; and a bunch of other adjectives that would not describe the feeling that I have. Not only am I healed physically but I am filled with this Spirit that let’s me proclaim the love of our God. Barb and I went to Sioux Falls to see a spine specialist on Thursday the 22nd. After the completion of all the paperwork, they sent me in for x-rays. A physicians assistant then came into the room to take history. He asked where I hurt, and I answered I hurt nowhere now. I then proceeded to tell him about the evening at the church and how much better I felt after the Spirit healed my injury. We looked at the x-rays and noticed my left hip was in the correct spot now, the stair stepping of the lumbar vertebrae was replaced by perfect alignment, the bone spur was totally gone, and the only problem I had in the area was some minor arthritis in my hips. The doctor came in a few minutes later and said if prayer had healed me, good!
Thank you so much for coming to Spencer Iowa. I was not the only one that benefited from you and Ryan being there. Randy Enge

Healing Testimony of Don Dunlap (via letter to Bruce Carlson)

Dear Bruce, My name is Don Dunlap. I go to Saint Paul’s in New Kensington PA. where Pastor Bill Fisher is Our Pastor. Recently you came to our little church and brought the Holy Spirit with you. You had a Healing Service and I was one of the first ones that you laid hands on, maybe you remember praying for a healing of my shoulder. Well as soon as you laid your hands on me I went down on the steps of the altar and immediately felt as if something was taken from inside of me. Not knowing what it was or what happended to me I continued Praising God and watching as the power of God worked in our little church. The whole time the Holy Spirit was upon me with such a force that I just couldn’t stop praying and praising. Now for the great news I am (or was) a diabetic taking at least 2 shots everyday and sometimes 3 of insulin. I was taking a minimum of 87 units everyday. My endocrinologist had told me that according to my blood test my pancreas had quit working all together and was not producing any more insulin and that it was just taking up space. That following week I started having some serious lows in my blood sugar forcing me to eat candy and other sweet things so my sugar didn’t bottom out. So I started lowering the amount of insulin I was taking to try to adjust it. Well Bruce after that first week I stopped taking insulin altogether (Praise God). I’m able to eat cookies, cake, candy, and ice cream again without having my blood sugar go through the roof. I consider it a privilege and a pleasure to be able to write you this letter and tell you the good news. Thank you my brother for taking the time to do the Lords work in our little church. You may feel free to use this letter in any way you see fit. Your brother in Jesus.
P.S. Bruce I also suffered from Burning and numbness in my hands and feet which was a result of my diabetes. Not any more Praise God! The burning would hurt and burn so bad that I kept a cans of beans in the freezer so they would freeze, then I would hold them in my hands to stop the burning. All I can say is God Is good!
Don Dunlap

Healing Testimony of Ann Wagner

Webster’s Dictionary defines a miracle as an extraordinary event manifesting as supernatural work of God. Miracles happen all the time. They happen to us..and around us..and we take them for granted, not even recognizing that they are indeed miracles. On Sunday May 28th, after the service an extraordinary event took place at Trinity Church. Bruce Carlson spoke out loudly and anounced that there was present a woman who was wearing a shoe with a lift and would she come up for prayer.
I have a lift in my shoe, but how was Bruce to know of this? I came forward to the front of the church and asked him to explain this. He explained to me that he had left his bulletin on the music stand up at the alter, and because he did not know the words to the last hmn, he hummed the melody—and, while doing so, he kept seeing a woman’s shoe with a lift.
He asked if I wanted prayer and then began to pray with me. And, at some point during the prayer, he spoke very rapidly in tongues and then just as easily finished in English without any interuption.
I went home after the prayer and at some point in the afternoon, I realized I hadn’t taken my pain medications. I also realized I did not have the horrific pain I normally experience, so I waited. The next morning—still no pain. I have been diagnoised with severe spinal stenosis, compounded with Fibromyaligia. I generally wear time release medicinal patches, (mostly two because one is just not enough). I also take strong pain pills every 3-4 hours. It is impossible for me to put into words what it was like when the realization set in that there was no longer pain and what this meant and how it affected me.
I had just finished going through extensive testing, (MRI, Nerve Test, labs, etc.). Dr. David Segal, a neurosurgeon, was pulling all this information together for me and had worked out an action plan to help keep the extraordinary pain under control. My Brother and I went to see Dr. Segal the following Wednesday. His news was really not any news any more since I knew how bad it had gotten. (I was even trying to write with my left hand since I had difficulty using my right hand.) After he explained the medications the Pain Management Doctor had prescribed, I told him what had happened to me that Sunday in church. I remember him putting down the pen and leaning forward. His response to me after hearing me out was, “WELL, THAT’S A GIFT FROM GOD!”. Hold off the pain meds.
I since had scheduled appointments with a urologist for a cyctoscopy which was cancelled because of the exceptionally good lab reports, and my friend the “PT guy” said he decided not to touch me since God was working a miracle. Neither the Urologist nor the Physical Therapist doubted and they gave God The Glory! (Praise the Lord)
God has a plan for all of us. Our responsibility is to be open to His plan. When we sing “take my life and let it be…consecrated Lord to Thee”…we acknowledge our love for Him and put on our armor ready and willing to live out His Plan.
On my own I probably would not have chosen some of the paths my life has taken. I now carry a print out of all the surgeries I have had and medications I take since it is much too long a list to have to write out on all those medical forms. I know by heart the routines of hospitals, doctors offices and labs. I don’t even have to give my name any more, we’ve gotten to know each other.
It is a humbling experience indeed and I continue to look for the light at the end of the tunnel, and then I see the unconditional love God has shown me through out my life. The fact that He put the right people in place at the exact moment I needed them the most. The fact that He heard the prayers of His people praying for me when I couldn’t put 3 words together let alone a prayer with an Amen!
—–(Ann’s letter continues, but she ends with these words.)
As I write this, more than a month has gone by already and I am still pain free! Should our heavenly Father decide to change my course I will forever be grateful for the time without pain patches and pills. I will also know that He will not ever forsake me—and He will continue to always hold me—in the palm of His hand!—Ann Wagner

Healing Testimony of Megan Yocky

I have been asked by pastor Wayne to gather information on miracles and healings at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. The following testimony is the miracle that took place in my life.
I have to start years ago at the age of 14, when I lost an ovary due to an 8 pound cyst that had grown attached to my ovary. The ovary that remained was covered with cysts. As I got older I became consumed with fear that I would never conceive. (At age 14 I did not understand the depth of my surgery or what it meant to lose an ovary.)
My one real dream was to have a child of my own, and that dream was not in my control. Pregnancy test after pregnancy test was always negative, I really believed I was my own birth control.
I spent hours begging and pleading with God to give me a child of my own. I always thought “God will never bless me until my life is perfect, until I am doing everything exactly right.”
In May of 2002 I attended the Holy Spirit Renewal Conference here at the church. I went up front and asked Bruce and Nancy Carlson for prayer, I wanted to be healed and I wanted to conceive. After the healing service I felt much activity in my lower abdomen on the side my ovary remained. For the first time in my life that activity did not scare me, I knew God was healing me, but I never dreamed I would conceive!
Three months after the healing service – clothes began to fit tighter, my energy seemed to be gone. I went to the pregnancy crisis center for a pregnancy test. I made my husband, Mike, sit in the waiting room. I did not want him to see the look of disappointment on my face, after so many negative pregnancy tests. I was sure this one would be the same.
The woman that gave me the test walked into the room and annoucned to me that “yes” I was pregnant!! My first thought was “I am going to throw up and pass out!!! How can this be true???” I immediately felt my stomach and thought to myself. “God has blessed me with life inside my womb!! What a miracle!!” I kept thinking, “I do not deserve this…my life is not perfect…I am not doing things exactly right – God blessed me in spite of all that – how can this be?????”
What a miracle it was to feel my son, Isaac, move and kick inside my womb! I was in love with him already! That is my miracle, and Isaac will always be our miracle child.
Thank you, for reading my story, Megan Yocky

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